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Participant Urban Blocks - Rethinking Alliances

What will the cities and neighbourhoods of tomorrow look like? What makes for sustainable, resilient cities? Do we need new factors to determine the return on experience?

We will venture a look across borders and show how other countries deal with the transformation of their cities. I’m happy to present this excellent panel with views on ASIA, CHINA and Urban Blocks in SPAIN:

Anupam Nanda , Professor of Urban Economics & Real Estate The University of Manchester

Sam Crispin , Senior Real Estate Advisor, Hong Kong

Martin Eberhardt FRICS , RICS Governing Council

Many influencing factors play a role - Corona and the damage are obvious, sustainability is also becoming a challenge for existing buildings.Mobility and connectivity are being rethought.

Are there decentralisation tendencies? Do we have to rethink alliances?

This cross-boarder view will help to inspire solutions. Register here:

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